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A little bit about us: We (Mika Beth and Matt) are a husband/wife team that run a full time boutique portrait photography business. I am a portrait artist based in Fort Smith, AR. Mika Beth is the one who shoots and Matt does all the business end! When you call for an appointment it will be Matt who will help you book. Then I am in charge of the artistic part of the business! We are very easy to work with. We have special guidelines all laid out to help you with all the ordering process. We work very hard to make your experience here memorable. We look forward to working with you!

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Oh deer, she’s cute…

Sophie had to dress up this week at her cheer camp. I thought I would share the tutorials that I watched to make her antlers. It was super easy! I watched a different one for her make up. I’ll share both…enjoy!

antlers tutorial: http://www.flattery.ca/2013/10/deer-halloween-costume-tutorial.html

make up tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch/?v=FUXTJ5H4TUEdeer make up tutorial deer make up

Mason | fort smith arkansas newborn photographer….


Let me make it easy for you! New senior high school yearbook ad templates are here!

Why didn’t I do this years ago? Instead of having to purchase images from me for your senior high school yearbook ad ($250 an image), I have now made templates to chose from! This way it’s way more affordable for you! I can make these for any senior, you don’t have to be a client of mine. But my clients do get a special price 😉 either way, it’s a great deal! If you are not my client or my clients want to use a baby picture, I can work that out!  All sizes are the same price. You just order the size template that you have purchase from your school, it’s that easy!
Pricing on fully designed yearbook ad template:
my clients-   $100
non-clients-  $150

*this isn’t limited to just seniors! be creative, 6th grade ads, football, basketball programs…whole1.2 page1.4 blog1.8

my girls…

I sure hope to hop back on the blog wagon again this year! I bought a whole new blog design overhaul … last January and haven’t touched it! Life is busy I tell ya… Here are some shots of my senior Addison and some of our Christmas card shoot! Look for a new blog look in the next month~ or two 😉IMG_0066 copy 2 IMG_00967 8 1 65 10 5 443

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