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Monthly Archives: March 2009

baby benjamin + day 13 | fort smith arkansas newborn photographer…

This precious boy was wide awake today! Mom said she has never seen him so alert. It took a while, but we finally got him asleep. I think it was worth all the work :)1358102224131010611911318511713

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cousin Christian…

Edi, he is so beautiful!!!143134153

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My girl + 12 years | fort smith arkansas child photographer…

130711220910412510886101113317i. love. her.

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spring break 2009…


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Alex + day 8 | fayetteville arkansas newbonr photographer…

G & R,  your son is so precious!!!!  I really wanted to keep him :)  His hair is fabulous!  Enjoy these early days, because they go by so fast!591081299831487218694117911111210

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