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Monthly Archives: July 2009

baby jackson | little rock arkansas newborn photographer…


talk to the hand…175202

look at his cool cross birthmark!148

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sam and walker | fort smith arkansas twin baby photographer…

You all know I ♥ twins! These two are so stinkin’ cute!  They aren’t identical either.  I think they look so much alike, but after a while I could easily tell them apart!  They. are. on. the. move.  Whoa!  I am thrilled with what I got!  Thanks mom and dad!486815418259173128134129192111129147799101651010

This one cracks me up!  He is like WHOA!39

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meet owen | fayetteville arkansas newborn photographer…

This little sweetie was so good!  Mom and Dad what a beautiful baby boy you have.  Thank you for letting me capture these early days for you.  I ♥ his name!58471202813310938996778891110127146

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crazy summer | fort smith arkansas lifestyle photographer…

I haven’t had a spare second to post any personal pictures from this summer.  Summer time is always insanely crazy at the Edwards household!  With all 5 of us home, it is so hard to keep the calmness!  The girls see us home and can’t quite grasp the fact that we have to work!   They just want to go go go and I have to be behind the computer easy 10-12 hours a day + a 1-2 hour photo session.  Thank goodness Matt is here to entertain as much as he can!  It has been a busy summer for all of us.  Thank you to my clients, I haven’t had a day off in quite a while!  That IS a good thing!  Addison went to camp for 25 days in June.  TG and Sophie have been such troopers.  They are so good at entertaining themselves.  We had our niece visit for  a week, so that made them happy!  A huge thing happened for our family, my Pogee (grandmother) moved to Fort Smith!  It is so wonderful to have her here. Sophie spent the night with her on her first night!  She is such a special person to us, it is an incredible blessing to have her here.  I’m sad for my brother and his family since she lived right next door to them in NLR.  But, maybe that means we will see more of them :) !!!  She loves it here and that is what is important!   We have  done lots of swimming and sleepovers and had tons of birthdays, Father’s Day, and the babies got baptized!  We are very much looking forward to our beach vacation!  Hope you all are having a fabulous summer!  1641197787143971532788375798126144181172271261251222211201191231

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i ♥ babies | springdale arkansas baby photographer…

Meet little miss Cameron from Springdale.  She was such a lovely little baby.  So dainty and sweet!  Thanks Mom, Dad and brother for bringing her down here for me to photograph!  How was Rolando’s?1173612526867646569611866108

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