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Monthly Archives: April 2009

baby jackson ♥ 4 weeks | fayetteville arkansas newborn photographer…

Baby Jackson was a tiny little thing at 7 + pounds at 4 weeks!  He was so beautiful with his lovely color of skin and his big puffy baby lips!  He was such a good boy too!  He tolerated me messing with him as we tried all kinds of poses!  Thanks Mom and Dad for driving all the way down here to see me! :)322I bet you’re smiling after seeing that pic, huh?5231018154620421221821131412149247241116

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Mary Claire at day 11 | rogers arkansas newborn photographer…

This little snuggle bug was so sweet.  She was 10 pounds 7 ounces at birth and 22 inches long!  She had the most amazing eye lashes I have ever seen on a newborn!  Mary Claire, thanks for being such a good baby and Mom and Dad, thanks for driving all the way down here to see me!!! Enjoy!4209231017723220522111532113131213820

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senior spotlight ♥ hillary | fort smith arkansas senior photographer…


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Charlie and Dakota | little rock arkansas child and family photographer…

This family holds a very special place in my ♥.   You see,   I spent half my childhood in with this family.   This is my childhood best friend’s sister Keri and her family and my “2nd” mama Lorna!  We had the best time visiting last night and looking at old pictures!  I think Matt and the girls got a kick out how goofy I looked as a kid!  I’m so glad you all came to Fort Smith.  We had the best time!   I want to shoot the whole family next so get ready!  :)1721114148418618192182162218818121210152197211312319149520921201

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senior spotlight ♥ amy | fort smith arkansas senior photographer…

my name is:   amy c.

i go to school at:   northside high school

my graduation date is:   may 29th


my nickname is:   ames

the last thing i ate:   chocolate


my dream job is:   to be a dentist

my biggest accomplishment:   keeping my grades up throughout school


my favorite music/artist:   trey songz

the person i would most like to meet:   beyonce


my favorite thing in my closet:  my sweatshirts!!

in ten years i see myself:  married and with my own career

ifI had $1,000 I would buy:   clothes with my mom!


my favorite pastime:   hanging out with friends

my favorite word is:   onomatopoeia

i have never:   seen the movie   titanic


my favorite website:   facebook

my favorite place to shop:   mason’s

my favorite high school moment:   winning girls and boys state in basketball sophomore year

1311146i love mika beth edwards photography because:   she is amazing!!!

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